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About the company

Client: Celex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Celex Technologies Private Limited is based out of Kolkata, India and appreciates the predominant situation in the field of High Security Registration Plates. Celex is very glad for a renowned reputation of most extreme consumer loyalty in effective execution of High Security Registration venture in the State of West Bengal, since 2011.

We likewise have significant global presentation and are engaged with sending out High Security Registration Plates which we make at our 100% EOU situated in Falta, SEZ, WB.

Our constant pursuit to evolve and to use the best practices in the field of High Security Registration Plates implementation along with strict quality controls has been appreciated and recognised by none other than Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune and it makes us proud that we were among the first companies, which were entrusted with “Type Approval Certificate” in the year 2003. Since then, we have been maintaining the strict security checks and balance and passed various periodic quality audits with flying colours which are conducted by this reputed authority in form of “Conformity Of Production (CoP)”.

The Challenge

  • Cost Issues – Paying unusual resource charges without getting the benefits of purchased resource.
  • Cache usage – Constantly storing the buffer/cache memory, which causes the application slowness.
  • Recovery Model – Unavailability of complete infrastructure at point in time recovery.
  • Decaying Hardware – Slow and decaying hardware stack hampering performance High capex on hardware procurement & lengthy process.
  • Performance at Scale – Current on-premise facilitating isn’t exceptionally accessible and Difficulty in scaling the framework results unfit to perform at scale.
  • Frequent Outages – Frequent downtimes during heavy load at their on netmagic shared hosting & Outages resulting in loss of brand value.

Major Problems Stated by the Celex Technologies Private Limited were:

  • Lack of high availability, data security, and infra level firewall.
  • Unavailability of point in time backup/restore recovery strategy for database.
  • Uptime is very poor, during load on their on netmagic hosting server.
  • More Downtime time to scale up server size while usage load is high on shared server.
  • Unable to scale out database server for shorter duration due to hardware unavailability.


Our Cloud Architects worked with the Infrastructure team of the customer to migrate their website/project on AWS paying special attention of cost, scalability & security. The proposed solution will enable them to scale from a minimal set of users to thousands at any given time. To accomplish this requirement, the solution was implemented using services such as AWS Autoscale, AWS EC2, AWS Elastic Load balance, AWS S3 .

  • Chosen Mumbai Region for quick accessible of website contents.
  • As per the pillars of well architect of framework, highly scalable and available web architecture was proposed on AWS for this workload.
  • Elastic Load balancer was managing the high load on underlying private EC2-Instances.
  • Application was designed on MODX CMS with required multiple application modules.
  • Private UAT/WEB/DB Servers were accessible only with OpenVpn Server
  • Internet accessibility was routed with NAT Gateway for packages updates on private servers.
  • AWS Auto Scaling will manage unHealthy EC2 instances. AWS Auto Scaling will ensure minimum number web EC2 instances are always running ,In the event of failure , new instances will be launched between 30-120 seconds automatically .
  • To ensure high availability the image of the application server has been launched in another availability zone to make sure the application availability if any disaster strikes me if the primary Availability Zone goes down.
  • Failover EC2-Instances were recovered with latest AMI of the server.
  • Addon application module was deployed on UAT server, as per complete steps of SDLC, then Go-live on production server for final changes.
  • Point in time database backup/recovery model in a planned manner, with automation of keeping database on multiple storage location such as EBS and S3.
  • Automation for complete infra (AMI/Snapshot) backup on a regular basis.


We have the best minds in the Industry working in tandem to make a difference to the transformation journey for our customers. We are supported by a team who have had deep exposure in the cloud journey having spent between them at least 100 man years of relevant exposure. The exposure involves deep understanding of traditional and new age IT environment including Public-Private- Hybrid Cloud , IT Continuity solutions, workload migration from traditional to Public & hybrid setup across diverse customer environments spanning multiple geographies & verticals like manufacturing, Banking , Healthcare & retail to name a few.

We have an experienced team of certified engineers. Our entire team is accredited on the products and services we deliver and specifically certified on the AWS platform We are supported by veterans of the Industry and who have come together to offer the best of breed support and solutions for our customers.
To know more contact us at : | +91 82497 11902